About Us

Noam Rosenberg headshot
Noam Rosenberg
Co-Founder and CTO

Noam has over 10 years' experience in AI and data science. He was the AutoML Lead at Dataloop and built an open-source deep learning project that outperformed the Google-equivalent. He has personal experience working with multiple startups, where data scientists were required to build the MLOps/DevOps cloud infrastructure and maintain it. Noam is active in the AI community and found that many of his peers experienced similar pain points. He set out to build Innocuous Book to solve these pervasive AI problems that companies and their AI teams face.

Regina Jaslow headshot
Regina Jaslow
Co-Founder and CEO

Regina has over 10 years' experience in marketing, sales, and customer success. At one of the tech startups she worked at, she experienced first-hand the difficulties in finding and hiring data scientists who could "do it all" -- not just creating algorithms but also setting up the entire cloud infrastructure. She learned that many of her business peers working in companies looking to build AI teams were similarly facing difficulties in standing up their AI team and struggling to see AI investments yield their promised value in under a year.